What are the best B2B strategies that can generate sales-qualified leads?

In my experience, the only way to generate 100% relevant, sales qualified leads – to research and hand-pick them manually and engage them using cold outreach.

And when I tell “cold outreach” I’m not talking about buying a massive list and trying to dial as many contacts as possible just to read your script (or mass emailing them with a generic pitch) to each one of those few contacts who are valid.

Cold outreach in my understanding is a powerful sales engagement tactic that is based on personalization and value.

Here’s how it works:


  • Hand-pick highly relevant, targeted prospects based on your buyer persona.
  • Research their contacts (and verify them to make sure they are valid).
  • Get to know those prospects by doing a quick background research.


  • Craft a personalized, tailored message, considering the information you’ve gathered at the previous stage.
  • Don’t sell – aim to establish a connection first.
  • Follow up across several channels – e.g. email, social, calls for your outreach.
  • Try to add value with every followup instead of simply sending “have you seen my message?”

The main reason why this strategy works is that it allows you to connect directly with the people who match your target audience rather than taking a spray and pray approach – e.g. as in the case of content marketing.

If you post content on your blog or LinkedIn profile, there might be hundreds or even thousands of people who would notice it.

But how many of those people actually match your ICPs? Of course, you can promote your content through relevant communities or build a network of targeted accounts, but there’ll still be too much noise you need to try and breakthrough.

Delivering a 100% relevant and customized message to 100 right contacts can generate more results than posting any content for thousands of people to see (even if it is a top-quality piece of content).

Hope this helps! and you know secretes about b2b and b2c marketing