Customer Data Platforms 101: Everything You Need to Know

How you manage your customer data is more important than ever. But many organisations fall short; 83% of marketers say their customer data still lives in unconnected silos. And that means not being able to manage and activate this business-critical information.

You can see why customer data platforms (CDPs) have risen in prominence. A new ebook from Acquia, Customer Data Platforms 101: Everything You Need to Know, explains the technology, what it does, what makes it different from CRM or a CDP, and how you can find a solution that meets your companys unique needs.

From definitions and capabilities to the questions you need to ask before choosing a CDP, the new report covers key topics, including:

– The five main functions of high-quality CDPs
– The main differences between CDPs, CRMs, MSPs and data lakes Why not all CDPs are created equal
– Get a solid foundation in what a CDP can do for your company and download the report to make sure youre getting the most out of your customer data.  

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