4 New Features Coming soon to WhatsApp

Whatsapp new feature

Whatsapp new feature recently revealed a slew of upcoming features, including disappearing mode, multi-device compatibility, and more. Simultaneously, WhatsApp has been seen testing additional features such as reviewing voice messages, New Archive, and others. Despite the fact that WhatsApp has yet to say when the new features will be available, previous experience suggests that it will happen soon enough. Multi-device connectivity is one of the most eagerly anticipated features for WhatsApp, which is likely to be released soon. Much has been said about this planned feature, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Now, it appears that users may not have to wait long, as WABetaInfo, an online site that analyses WhatsApp’s modifications and forthcoming additions, has disclosed
that the Facebook-owned app will soon be available for beta testing.

Early access to the multi-device beta will be available very soon, according to the website, since the screen where WhatsApp will offer its customers to join the multi-device test has been noticed. “Use WhatsApp on up to four more devices at the same time without having to keep your phone online,” says the app. The other exciting features coming soon to WhatsApp are elaborated here

WhatsApp Disappearing mode

The company is also working on a feature called disappearing mode. All communications sent after this feature is enabled will be deleted after seven days. Users will also be alerted that all of their chats will be destroyed after a week if they use the feature. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has verified this feature.

WhatsApp End-to-end backups

Meanwhile, WhatsApp plans to encrypt Google Drive backups using the same backup technology it employs to encrypt all chats on its site. Only numeric numbers and lowercase letters between ‘a’ and ‘f’ will be used in the encryption key that WhatsApp will use to decrypt backups and provide users access to their conversations and other updates.

WhatsApp Flash calls

The company is going to implement a function called Flash Calls to accelerate the process of becoming verified rapidly while entering into WhatsApp. WhatsApp will call a user’s phone number as part of this strategy and then end the call immediately. It recommends “verifying the last phone number in your phone’s log is equal to the number that provides you the 6-digit code.”

WhatsApp Review voice messages

This feature allows users to listen to a voice message before sending it to the intended recipient. Before sending a voice message, customers can either record or erase it. The company is reportedly working on a feature that would add a stop button to the current configuration. Users can check their recorded message by pressing this stop button, from which they can either continue recording or erase it.