What exactly is ‘Metavers’?

Facebook will now be known as Meta. From now on, the company will also step into virtual reality. Ever since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed the company’s name a few days ago, the word Metaverse has been hotly debated; But what exactly are these metavers? What does this mean? You may have wondered how this can affect your life and how it can be used. Let’s find out the answers to all these questions …

Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally

Metavers need to be thought of a little differently. Right now the internet is an integral part of our lives. After a while, you can’t even think of life without the internet. At that time all your work will be done through metavers. Metavers is an environment on the Internet where you can only be present by looking at the screen, as Mark Zuckerberg once said about Metavers. This means that people who have been sitting for long periods of time (even in different countries at the same time) can meet, work together or even play with each other through a virtual community at the same time. All this will be possible in the future with the help of Virtual Reality Headsets, Augmented Reality Glasses, smartphones and other devices. In short, metavers can create virtual worlds just the way you want them.

It is so difficult to understand or explain, then how difficult it will be to put this work into practice. But as far as the leap of your thoughts can go, it is possible to do everything in the world of computers and the Internet. That is, your thoughts, your dreams can come true. In short, everything you can imagine can happen in this virtual world.

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What can be done in Metavers?

You can do whatever you want through Metavers. That means you can attend a virtual concert anywhere in the world, go on an online trip, do some artwork and even see it. You can even try digital clothes, buy them. In such a world, work from home would be the norm. Even if you are sitting at home, you will feel like sitting in the office (Virtual Office Meeting). You can have a meeting at any time and the participants will feel like you are sitting in the same room and discussing

Facebook (now Meta) has already launched a meeting software. This software, called Horizon Workrooms, is designed specifically for companies. It can be used with the help of Oculus VR headsets. With the help of this, a virtual meeting environment can be created which is unbelievable at first sight.